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We make planning for your audio-visual needs fast and easy with our extensive supply of equipment at no additional cost. Our state-of-the-art conference rooms are designed with the use of technology in mind and feature integrated speakers, LCD projectors, screens, wireless internet and telephone access.

Enhance your seminar or workshop with our mobile laptop cart.

Audio Visual Equipment:
➢ LCD Projectors
➢ Screens
➢ Overhead Projectors
➢ SmartBoards
➢ Handheld and Lavaliere Microphones

Advanced Technology:
➢ Wireless Internet Access
➢ Loaner Laptop Computers
➢ Mobile Laptop Cart with 15 MacBooks

Meeting Aids:
➢ Easels
➢ Flip Charts
➢ Markers
➢ Whiteboards
➢ Podiums
➢ Fax Machine
➢ Copy Machine

➢ Video conference
➢ Webcasting
➢ Teleconference
➢ Conference Phones

Audio-visual equipment and technology available at the Conference Center at the Chester County Intermediate Unit.
Conference Phones Speakers (Desktop)
Easels Teleconference Equipment
LCD Projectors TV/VCR/DVD
Loaner Laptop Computers Webcast Equipment
Microphones (wireless & handheld) Wireless Internet Access
Mobile Laptop Cart Wireless Mouse
Overhead Projectors Whiteboards
Podiums Videoconference equipment
Projection Screens

Teleconference Phone Equipment (also known as boomerang phones)

The Conference Center has Polycom sound station conference phones available for use in teleconferences and for conference calling purposes. Four different parties may participate in a teleconference using this system. The audio equipment adapts to the room environment to eliminate echoes while built-in microphones pick up sound throughout the room so that participants may speak at natural volumes and be heard clearly.

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We have many easels available to assist you with your presentation needs. These easels come equipped with a flip-chart-style pad of paper and an assortment of colored markers.

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Mobile Laptop Cart

The mobile laptop cart can be added to conference room reservations to enhance or supplement guests needs. The cart is equipped with 15 MacBook computers that run both Snow Leopard (10.6) and Windows XP operating systems. The available applications on these computers are listed below.

Mac Software Windows Software
Adobe Reader 10 Adobe Reader 10
Boardmaker 6 FileMaker 11
FileMaker 11 Firefox
FireFox FirstClass
FirstClass Google Earth
Flip for Mac iTunes
Google Earth Internet Explorer 8
iLife Suite 11' Microsoft Office 2007
iWork 09' Quick Time Player
Microsoft Office 2008 Safari
Quicktime Player 10 Timbuktu
Safari Windows Media Player
Skype Windows Movie Maker
SmartBoard Software 10  
Timbuktu Pro
VLC Media Player

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LCD Projectors

Many of our rooms are equipped with built-in ceiling-mounted EPSON PowerLite Projectors. These projectors can be found in rooms 302, 305, 400 and 404. The projectors in rooms 302, 305, 400 and 404 can accept both computer and video inputs. We also have three portable projectors that can be used in rooms that do not have a built-in projection system.

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Loaner Laptop Computers

We have two laptops that can be reserved through the Conference Center to assist you with your meeting or presentation needs. Windows Loaner Laptop

Windows Mac
Microsoft Windows XP 2005 World Book
Adobe Media Player Adobe Reader 10
Adobe Reader 9 Filemaker Pro 11
FileMaker Pro 11 FireFox
Firefox FirstClass
FirstClass GarageBand
GoToMeeting iChat
Microsoft Office 2007 iDVD
Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 iMovie HD
Microsoft Silverlight iPhoto
Quick Time Player iTunes
RealPlayer iSync
SmartBoard Software 10 Microsoft Office 2008
Safari Quicktime Player
Timbuktu Pro Real Player
Windows Internet Explorer 8 Safari
Windows Media Player Skype
Windows Movie Maker SmartBoard Software 10
  Timbuktu Pro
VLC Media Player

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Overhead Transparency Projectors

We have five 3M overhead projectors that can be used to project a document onto an overhead screen.

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The Conference Center has two rolling podiums that are available for your event. Each podium is equipped with a built-in microphone holder, allowing you to easily project your voice in a hands-free manner.

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Portable Desktop Speakers

We have one set of Cyber Acoustics portable desktop speakers available. These speakers can be attached to your laptop computer or other audio device to amplify audio in our rooms that do not have a built-in sound system.

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Video and Flat Projection Screens

Projection screens are available in all conference rooms.

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SmartBoard (Interactive Whiteboard)

A SmartBoard allows you to interact with your computer program by providing a touch-screen environment, as well as providing you the opportunity to write on your screen using interactive pens and tools. Our second floor computer labs, as well as room 242, have SmartBoard interactive whiteboards mounted on the conference room walls. We also have one portable interactive whiteboard that can be used in our third and fourth floor rooms. In order to use an interactive whiteboard, you must have a laptop computer that is equipped with the SmartBoard software. If you wish to use your personal laptop, you may download this software from the internet, or you may reserve one of the loaner laptops from the Conference Center.

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Teleconference Equipment

Teleconferences allow a one-way transmission between individuals at different locations by means of telecommunications equipment such as a closed-circuit television. We can currently accommodate teleconferences in rooms 302, 303, 304, 305 and 400. When booking a teleconference, you must provide the following information:

  • Satellite name
  • Orbital position
  • Satellite band
  • Downlink frequency - Transponder
  • Channels
  • Polarization
  • Audio
  • Technical trouble number

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Rooms 302, 303, 304, 305, 400 and 404 all have built in TV/VCR/DVD systems. We also have two portable TVs equipped with a DVD and VCR player for those rooms that do not have this built-in feature.

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A webcast is a broadcasting of an event over the world wide web (internet). We can accommodate a webcast in any of our conference rooms; however, you will need a computer to access the internet. You can bring your own laptop or reserve one of the Conference Center laptops.

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Rooms 400 and 401 have whiteboard cabinets attached to the wall in the rooms. On our third floor, our wall dividers between our conference rooms are equipped with whiteboards. We also have two additional rolling whiteboards that can be used separately.

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Wireless and Hand Held Microphones

Rooms 302 and 400 are equipped with SHURE ULX wireless microphone systems. These systems are connected to both a wireless handheld microphone and a wireless lavaliere microphone. In room 400, the microphone output can also be transmitted to room 401 if these rooms are combined for a larger group. In room 302, the microphone output can be transmitted to rooms 303, 304 and 304 if these rooms are combined for a larger group.

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Wireless Internet Access

The Conference Center is equipped with complementary high-speed internet access throughout the building. You can connect to the internet with your wireless laptop or other wireless device. We have two laptops that you may reserve for your meeting or presentation at no additional cost.

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Wireless Mouse

We have one wireless mouse available. This can be connected to your laptop and used in conjunction with a PowerPoint presentation. The wireless mouse can be used to advance slides in your presentation without you being at your computer. It also has a laser pointer feature that can be used during your presentation.

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Videoconference Technology

Videoconference technology allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. It is often possible to share computer applications such as internet pages, library catalogs or software. We currently have two rooms that can accommodate videoconferencing; room 242 and room 404. When booking a videoconference, you must have the following information available: - Videoconference remote tech contact name - Videoconference remote tech contact phone - Videoconference remote tech contact email - Videoconferencing connection type (IP or ISDN). Back to Top

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